MOINDO EZA KITOKO (Black is beautiful)

"Half French and half Congolese, I have always been proud of my two cultures and I have always tried to teach people about my Black, African and Congolese culture.''

Half French and half Congolese Multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, @browncoffeemoka shares latest artworks about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.


This artwork represents how the Black and African cultures are put at risk and put down at every level. Black cultures have been used, degraded, banished, forbidden and stolen since the XVth century and still now, our cultures are way too often judged, minimized and taken for the glory of fashion and urban culture. So many African artifacts have been stolen and are now exhibited in European or American muséums and art galleries. Even some of them are spread across the globe and now bélong to private collectors . Those artworks are art for sure.

But they are spiritual, sacred and mystical ones.

They should not be used to decorate, to get money from or for any folklore aspect. By being stolen, they have been defiled, disrespected and despised. As every aspect of the Black and African cultures. Looted and exhibited for the beauty and the « exotic » spirit disregarding their sacred purpose.


By speaking out and standing up, we aim to give our ancestors their pride and honor back. We must not forget their pain and their sacrifices. The lives, the spirits and the souls stolen, lost, uprooted, raped, killed and tortured. We stand up to let them know that we did not forget about them. We will continue to speak their truth and to make their spirits Alive.

They have protected our cultures and our traditions for us, their children. Let’s be as Wise and worthy as they were and let’s become as great ancestors for our grandchildren as they have been for us.

By respecting our ancestors we are protecting the future generations.


In most African countries, people tell stories through songs. This is a traditions deported African people have brought with them to the fields in the US. We call them « griots ». Bluesmen are griots. Negro spiritual, blues, rock and roll, soul, jazz...They were telling their stories by singing. They were trying to keep the spirit of Africa Alive in them, in the mind of their children. They were trying to keep that sacred link with motherland. A part of their ancestral culture was and is still in them. They were trying to recover their ancestral spirit and traditions. Their cultures did not completely faded. It has Evolved with them, with their expériences. With their pain.

I celebrate those griots.


This artwork show how all the human beings should gather against racism. As we all said, it is not White against Black but everybody against racism. The fist is white to show how White people can use their privilèges to say NO to racism.


(Black is beautiful in Nlanga)

The trauma Africans and Black people have been suffering from is way too huge. It has been

spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and physical. We are still suffering from the trauma of our ancestors. Let’s remember how our skin, cultures, traditions and roots are beautiful. Let’s celebrate our melanin and our blossoming beauty. Let’s be proud of our haïr, our skin, our curves, our bodies, our minds, our spirits, our souls and our aura. Black is beautiful,



These artworks represent the murder of the African/Black cultures in the US. By stealing African people from their lands, by using them they have been taken away from their roots. The aim of the slavers was to erase and destroy their cultures, traditions and identities. Those illustrations are here to speak out about a culture, identity, traditions génocide African

Americans and Africans (during colonialism) had to face.

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